18 Incredibly Impressive Students at Duke | Business Insider

"As one of Duke’s student body vice presidents, the Durham, North Carolina, native spent his two-year tenure focused on improving the relationship between Duke and the wider Durham community." (Link)

Former Durham Academy and Duke Student Pens Children's Book

"In the spirit of giving back, Derek decided to fund a scholarship program in accordance with the message articulated through little Jimmy’s story and funded by the book’s profits." (Link)

Profile of
Jimmy for the City Author: A Q&A

“It's more important than ever that we remind children…public service is not always what you see on television. There are plenty of ways to go about serving your community.” (Link)

Rhodes Returns for MLK Assembly and Book Signing

"I became incredibly passionate about public service and the values it offers every child. Our world of instant gratification has moved away from selflessness, and I found volunteering to be the most rewarding activity I ever did growing up.” (Link)

Engagement Matters: How Service Learning Lessons Impacted Me 

"[Service] is a lifelong effort that’s infused in your daily activities and throughout your professional life. It’s not about a one-to-one exchange, or a single instance. It’s about the greater reach and the lasting impact." (Link)


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